A weekend working on tech solutions with and for refugees living in Paris

Startup Weekend; Techfugees France partner together to bring developers, designers, entrepreneurs and community members to develop creative tech solutions with; for refugees living in France.

Former refugees and asylum seekers who have already settled in France will participate in the event to help teams deeply understand opportunities and challenges faced by new settlers and co-design solutions.

Leaders from the tech community will mentor teams through the weekend. On Sunday afternoon, teams will pitch their solutions to a judges panel of tech and community leaders.

Looking for inspiration on what to work on over the weekend? Check out the Techfugees Hackpad [bit.ly/techfugeeshackpad ] for projects that need help!

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Francis Barel

Francis Barel
Head of Market Growth France, Paypal

Josephine Goube

Josephine Goube

Patrick Robin

Patrick Robin
Managing Partner, Avolta Partners

Marie Gillier

Marie Gillier
Singa Projet

Cécilia Gouby

Cécilia Gouby
Responsable du Programme Bizspark

Judging Criteria

  • Challenge
    Does the solution tackle a challenge that was presented on Friday and there is a real work done as a team on it?
  • Research
    Have you researched the problem and made steps towards verifying that this the real problem? Explain to us how you framed the problem.
  • Viability & scalibility
    Is the project viable ($) and scalable? Talk about the business model, and what scalability you are thinking for it.
  • Impact
    Have you worked with refugees to build your prototype and idea? Show us that your solution has a real impact on refugees.
  • Innovation
    Is it innovative (not just new and unheard of: it adds value) and feasible (does it sound realistically possible to be built?) Demonstrate it is better that what already is.